Is festive table ready? - Preparations

Winter holidays bring with them joy and contagious frenzy. We are all caught in this atmosphere, driven by lights decorating the streets and shops, shopping fever and awaiting special moments that we spend with loved ones.

Is festive table ready? - Preparations

A perfect dinner, with family or friends can raise challenges. So that they do not overshadow your holiday enjoyment, here are some suggestions gathered from inexhaustible resources of the Internet.


Before designing the menu, it is essential to draw up the guest list. Determine the number of invitations according to the space that you have. And do not forget to make sure you have everything you need for every guest chairs, cutlery, plates, glasses for wine, water, champagne. Also, you need trays and serving utensils (spoon, ladle, tongs)

A special holiday meal is when the decor is in keeping with the theme. You can choose to create your own decorations, or you can buy from stores.

When you decide the look of the table, remember that in brightly colored plates - red, green, blue - the food will not look as appetizing as a plate of white or cream.
Choose a tablecloth suitable in size (complementary color tableware) and matching napkins. You can get a special effect in the way you arrange the napkins. If you choose cloth napkins, do not forget the rings.


As important as the setting for a successful party, you should keep in mind the guests tastes. When you do not know their preferences, make sure the menu include various meats, vegetarian dishes, traditional dishes.

Try not to cook everything on the last day. You do not want to be exhausted host, you want to enjoy along with your guests.
- Buy in advance hardly perishable ingredients (flour, sugar).
- Do not cook more than fit in the fridge, except for dishes that serve immediately.
- When you store food, use jars, food wrap or sealed boxes.
- Some foods can be frozen. For example cabbage rolls or patties. You can prepare them in advance and defrost them before use.
- You can save time if fry pork and sausages, then keep it in a jar with grease that has been fried.
- You can make cookies with two weeks before. It keeps well in airtight metal cans.
- Cakes and cupcakes can be made two days in advance, provided they are kept in the refrigerator.
- Do not keep uncovered food with strong odors besides sweets.
- Buy last food you want to serve fresh (fruits, vegetables).
-Prepare as close as possible of serving time dishes containing mayonnaise or boiled eggs.

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