Is festive table ready? - Christmas Menu

I have guests for Christmas dinner. What do I cook?
Probably many of us have asked this question. We seek ideas to the left and right. When you already know the culinary preferences of guests, the choice is simple. When not, then you should consider a varied menu that can cover any preference.

Is festive table ready? - Christmas Menu

Here are some of the most popular choices, but also some less common:


Pork trotters
Turkey trotters
Shang Hai Chicken
Hot devils
Cheese roulade with ham
Cake appetizer
Flan with mushrooms
Chicken pastrami
Eggs stuffed (with meat, chicken liver with cream cheese)
Mushrooms stuffed (with meat, cheese, sausages)
Tomatoes stuffed (with cream cheese, tuna and corn)
Assorted trays with traditional sausage and cheese
Spreads with liver pate (with garlic, mustard)
Spreads with spicy cheese cream
Balabushki - Bread with garlic and onions


Chicken salad
Bags with chicken salad
Salad a la Russe
Boeuf salad
Olive salad
Eggplant salad
Mushroom salad
Fish-egg salad
Raw salad
Caesar salad
Beet salad with horseradish


Mushroom cream soup
Broccoli cream soup
French onion soup
Meatball soup
Beef soup with noodles
Chicken soup
Giblets soup
Soup a la Greek

The main dish

Stuffed cabbage with meat
Roast pork
Roast chicken
Tsar fish
Stuffed chicken
Turkey legs
Pork with Celery
Stuffed cabbage with mushrooms
Baked Mushrooms
Baked Cauliflower


Fried potatoes
Potatoes au gratin
Mashed potatoes
Cauliflower puree
Broccoli puree
Rice with mushrooms
Cooked cabbage
Baked Vegetables


Apple cake
Raffaello cake
Cake with cherries
Three colors cake
Wasps nest
Sponge cake
Diplomat cake
Chocolate cake
Crepes cake with vanilla cream
Crepes cake with chocolate cream
Apple cake
Meringue cake

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