Basil – from aromatic plant to cure plant

Originally from India and tropical Asia, basil is grown for over 5000 years. It is a herb of the family Lamiaceae, like mint, lavender and marjoram (oregano).

Basil – from aromatic plant to cure plant

Basil contains a large number of essential oils, which varies from one variety to another: eugenol (like clove), citrus (gives fragrance of lemon zest), anethole (which gives the sweet smell of aniseed), citronellol (as geraniums and roses) or pinene (which gives the aroma of pine oil). Also, basil containing iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, beta-carotene, lutein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K.

Basil is often used in Asian recipes, either fresh or dried. Add to soups or dishes, desserts, ice cream, milk or lemonade.
Basil seeds, although less used in Europe and America, are widely used in Asia.

Basil is also used in homeopathic remedies, as an infusion, decoction or essential oils.
- Nervous system - the leaves are refreshing and tonic for memory. Chewing the leaves of basil reduce your stress.
- Eye problems - is an effective remedy against diseases caused by lack of vitamin A and eye inflammation.
- Circulatory system - substances in leaves purify the blood, reduce blood cholesterol and have a benefic role in cardiac diseases.
- Respiratory disorders - a decoction made from the leaves of basil, ginger and honey is an effective remedy for asthma, bronchitis, coughs, colds and flu. It helps to clean the airways, eliminate the mucus, speeding healing. Infusion of basil leaves ameliorates sore throat.
- Digestive disorders - has beneficial effects in treating diarrhea and emesis, common problems among children.
- Oral care - help effectively treat mouth ulcers and infections and remove bad breath.
- Skin condition - juice of basil leaves can be used as a remedy for insect bites and has a repellent effect. It also helps in treating juice topically applied to skin diseases and herpes.
Also, basil is used to enhance immunity, reduce perspiration, relieve colds, reduce fever, tonifying kidneys, cure chicken pox pustules and headaches.

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