Is festive table ready? - Table setting

1 - Service or dinner plate
2 - Soup plate or bowl
3 - Soup spoon
4 - Teaspoon
5 - Dinner knife
6 - Salad fork
7 - Dinner fork
8 - Dessert fork
9 - Dessert spoon
10 - Cake fork
11 - Bread & butter plate
12 - Butter spreader
13 - Napkin
14 - Water goblet
15 - Glass for white wine
16 - Glass for red wine

Is festive table ready? - Table setting

Whether you prepare a family reunion, a simple dinner or a dinner party with many guests, setting the table is not an easy task.

First you have to have enough space at the table for everyone. It is unpleasant when you cannot move your hands at the table.
Avoid placing guests in front of table leg, is an uncomfortable position.
The seats are also important. A guest might feel offended if he is sitting on a kitchen stool.

Tablecloths and decorations

- Tablecloth should be clean and without blemish, because a stained tablecloth can cut the appetite of most demanding guests.
- Do not use a tablecloth worn, torn or crumpled.
- It is equally important to choose the color of the tablecloth according to the colors used in dishes and decorations.
- If you use fresh flowers as decoration, make sure that the arrangement does not interfere with the guests. Preferably a small vase rather than a large basket of flowers. You can also short flower stems that are too high and does not allow guests to see each other.
- Festive decor should not necessarily lie on the table. You can decorate the room with lamps, colorful candles, bowls of candy, fruit baskets and flowers.
- Do not forget the napkins. They must match the tablecloth and decorations.


- Plates to serve guests must be very clean and not chipped.
- Plates are chosen depending on the decoration and dishes served. Do not use worn plates or pottery if the tablecloth is sophisticated, made from expensive damask, or porcelain plates on a tablecloth cheap and flourish.
- You can arrange a table with modest things, if they match each other.
- If you have a complete set, use tureen, different bowls for stews, pasta, fruit bowl in the set. If the set is not complete, then you can serve food in Yena dishes that have been cooked or glass bowls.
- If you have 3 to 4 guests at the table, you can serve food directly on the plate.

In front of each guest put the largest and flatter plate. Above it put the plate for appetizers, soup bowl or dish for the main course.


- Cutlery must also match the table layout.
- Do not put cheap and worn cutlery if the tablecloth is demanding and plates are from porcelain.
- It is also unfit to put silverware near some cheap plates or near pottery.

Spoon is placed to the right of the plate, with the notch up. If several dishes requiring spoon and use one for each dish, then they are placed in order of serving, from exterior to interior.

Fork is placed to the left of the plate. If you need more forks, they are placed in order of serving, from exterior to interior. Dessert fork is placed horizontally, in front of the plate, on the side towards the center of the table, with the handle to the left.

The knife is placed on the right, between spoon and plate with sharp side facing plate. Place the butter knife butter plate.

Dessert spoon is placed , in front of the plate, on the side towards the center of the table, with the handle to the right and with the notch up.


Glasses should be chosen according to the rest of the table arrangement. Simple glasses do not fit the glass on a sophisticated tablecloth, or crystal glasses to ceramic plate

- Water goblet sits on the right, above the knife. Then place the flask of champagne, the glass for white wine and the glass for red wine.
- Do not place more than five drinks on a plate.

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