Semolina dumplings

2 eggs
7-8 tablespoons of semolina
1 teaspoon oil
Salt and pepper

Semolina dumplings


Mix eggs, oil and salt. Then add semolina in the rain, one spoon at the time, until mixture has a creamy consistency. Composition should not be too thick, so that the dumplings come out strong.

Dumplings must immediately put to boil. Heat must be low, so do not boil soup. Soak a tablespoon into boiling soup for a few seconds, until warm, then take the dough and place in pot.

If the dough is put while the soup boils, or if the dough is too thin, the dumplings will spread. If dough is too thin, add a little semolina.

After you have modeled all the dumplings, cover pot with lid and let simmer over low heat10 minutes. Then off the cooker and let the pot covered for another 5-10 minutes.

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